VoIP imparts mobility, enabling remote employees to effectively do their job almost anywhere. With such features as voice mail received in email, office voice mail integrated with BlackBerry, and phone extensions integrated with laptops, VoIP empowers employees to be more productive while mobile.

Voice over IP
In today's rapidly changing business world, organizations are faced with increased competition, shrinking margins, and evolving business models. While traditional areas of concern-such as productivity and customer satisfaction-are more important than ever, newer challenges such as the expansion of the virtual workforce, growth of communications traffic, and the heightened need for business agility must now be factored in as well. To meet these challenges, organizations are looking at technology solutions that can help give them an edge over the competition. These technology solutions include Voice over IP (VoIP).

With VoIP solutions, many of abcISP's customers reduced costs for maintaining and servicing telephony solutions as compared to previous circuit switch-based PBXs. VoIP also provides a reduction in time needed for normal support tasks, such as moves, adds, and changes. Your organization will spend less time getting telephony support since users are able to operate independently, thus freeing IT support staff for other important tasks.

The voice system takes advantage of the security technologies that are already deployed in a well-designed network, which helps it to meet security requirements mandated by the federal government, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

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