Incoming email is a potential threat to your business. Spam now accounts for 60 percent of all email, according to recent Gartner research, and Ferris Research says spam puts a $9 billion annual drag on productivity, as workers peck away at the delete button. Additionally, incoming emails pose a threat with attached viruses and Trojan Horses that undermine computer systems. Can your emerging business afford this?

abcISP can help. When we implement our innovative and unique email protection solution, we reduce spam by 99%, and completely eliminate viruses transmitted by email. We provide a robust, redundant, and inexpensive server-centric virus and spam filter for incoming email that is managed and updated daily, and even has procedures in place for Zero Day Threats, which are threats to your network before there are approved patches from the original vendor.

abcISP's unique spam filter technology runs on dedicated servers to ensure that you are protected. Each incoming email is checked over nine times using our unique fuzzy logic, and is compared to hundreds of thousands of examples, including known sources of spam. Each incoming email is also checked for virus infection, and our virus program is updated every four hours, night and day.

Currently abcISP processes over 1,000 emails per hour, and, on average, our clients receive less than ten spam emails per week, and less than five false positives per month. Our unique system does not delete potential spam, but instead allows users to put themselves on a white list, which significantly reduces false positives.

Additionally, abcISP's email firewall allows users to validate senders' identities. Our unique features combine SPF with greylisting, and provides the means to ensure that there is minimal impact on legitimate email correspondence. It also allows for automatic acceptance from real mail servers, and for users to add permitted IP addresses so that subsequent correspondence is validated. With abcISP's hosted email firewall service, your business can seamlessly and safely exchange information by email, and remain spam free.