abcISP provides highly trained and motivated IT support staff for your organization. Our IT engineers are certified by industry leaders such as Microsoft to support your office in a high-touch and professional manner. Our experience, procedures, and processes provide true value-added IT solutions to help you meet your organization's goals quickly, professionally, and simply.

Desktop Support
Managing a back office IT infrastructure and providing users with ready access across multiple platforms can be a frustrating and time-consuming IT challenge for any business. abcISP can come to the rescue with boutique solutions that assist organizations seeking to harmonize mixed environments in a high-touch and professional manner. We provide a single source for support for everything from all Microsoft® Windows Operating Systems to most versions of Linux® as well as office automation applications such as Word, Excel, Quickbooks, and DOCUMENTUM.

abcISP's on-site support engineers provide many tasks "price included" with a regular services agreement for emerging organizations. We manage system backups and prevent network outages, we ensure that your entire business is protected from viruses and malicious intrusion, and we apply a myriad of application and operating systems security patches. In short, we make IT simple.

Helpdesk Application
Every wonder where your IT hours go? abcISP can give you that information down to the minute on a daily basis. With our innovative Helpdesk application, you can track how much time abcISP engineers spend on which problems and which users. We provide around-the-clock service, with the ability to request support from our engineers through our innovative system that gives you contact with them wirelessly, wherever they are.