abcISP is a unique IT services firm. We started as a traditional Internet Service Provider, and maintain significant hosting capability with our own collocation facility and backup data center. We leverage this equipment to offer extremely low priced (and occasionally free) email, SPAM protection, secure file storage, hosted webmail, as well as more traditional services such as FTP and web hosting. We also provide managed MS Exchange while supporting POP3 clients, with a fully integrated Hotmail-like web access to provide access to email from any where in the world.

We are one of very few companies that offer Unix (Solaris) in a hosted environment. We use open standard solutions of Apache for our web servers, Tomcat for our JSP server and JBOSS for our Application Server, and MySQL for database needs. We have private JVM with every account. abcISP specializes in JSP hosting and servlet hosting accounts with advanced, scalable server technologies like Servlet, Java Server Pages (JSP), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), and XML.