abcISP software engineers have over 50 years combined experienced in Java, XML and C/C++. We have completed in excess of 3 million dollars of software development specializing in the Java, J2EE Enterprises and MUMPS based software development projects in the last 3 years. abcISP's engineers represent significant intellectual capital as approximately half are from the commercial sector honing their skills in commercial R&D sectors and several have had significant military and governmental experience working for Navy, Titan, SAIC, Raytheon, Litton Industries and General Dynamics.

abcISP software engineers have significant experience in rehosting legacy applications, such as M based applications into Java, while using Oracle as an Application Server (Oracle 9iAS) and a database, and can demonstrate in a full medical production environment that all of our rehosted M based applications and Web Services J2EE Infrastructure work with legacy M based environments (CHCS-I), Java based applications (COTS and GOTS) and fat client centralized applications such as CHCS-II. In addition, we use an open source environment for development and implementation of Linux, HP-UX, Oracle, J2EE, Jakarta Struts, Profiler, JUnit, J2SE, Ant, TOAD, Log4J - all projects implemented as Section 508 compliant. abcISP or our senior Software Engineers have successfully implemented several development projects, 95% on time, and on budget. These include PKI eNotary, EasyCHCS, CHCS-II Decision Support System, FHIE VA / DOD development and EsiObjects

abcISP designed and implemented the Java-based enterprise level J2EE framework we call Easy-CHCS for NMCSD, which is the largest Navy medical facility. Easy-CHCS uses Oracle as a relational database backend and allows for the rehosting of several M-based legacy applications into the new J2EE environment, enabling the DOD MHS customer to utilize the power and flexibility of the more modern and open Java environment, while maintaining their existing investment in the M-based applications and related databases. Easy-CHCS provides read/write access into the legacy M-based database and applications using EsiObjects or CACHE objects and works with the Oracle database, enabling concurrent operation of the new CHCS-II system, designed by Integic running on HP-UX, and the legacy M based CHCS-I system designed by SAIC running on the DSM / VAX. As a J2EE application, Easy-CHCS can run on any J2EE compliant application server, however we have run it on Oracle 9iAS and Linux as well as WebLogic using Oracle as a backend.