Enterprise Hosting
If you have a larger web site with the need for advanced Application server capabilities, our Enterprise Web Site is the way to go. Our Enterprise Web Site provides all of the functionality of Apache, Tomcat and JBOSS Application Server. It is the perfect solution for a small store and includes enough disk space for your files, email support and all the other benefits of our high-availability network and proven Sun SPARC Solaris platform technology.
  • Your own domain name (yourcompany.com) with 1 GB of disk space†
  • 30 GB monthly data transfer*
  • Private cgi-bin for Perl, C or C++ CGI scripts with PHP HTML preprocessor
  • Private JVM instance with JBoss 3.x.x EJB container for Enterprise JavaBeans (optional)
  • Private classpath for Servlets, beans and jar files
  • upto 40 POP3 email accounts with our www.25firewall.com service included, 50 email forwarding aliases and 50 email auto responders
  • Web-based control panel for simple account administration with daily access reports
  • UPS power backup
  • Daily disk backup
  • MySQL database and PostgreSQL database
  • SSL secure server support***
  • Up to 12 sub-domains††