Alex Barron is the founder, CEO, and President of abcISP, Inc. Mr. Barron's founding and management of abcISP represents the culmination of a long and distinguished career that includes military, public, and private experience. Before founding abcISP in 2001, Mr. Barron entered the emerging business market as the Director of Technical Operations for a venture capital-funded technology startup based in Del Mar, California, where he designed, built, and operated a web portal for physicians. Prior to that, Mr. Barron was a Senior Engineer with Raytheon Naval and Maritime Systems of San Diego, where he led a team effort to bring the development environment for the Navy's carrier defense system (SSDS MK1) program into Y2K compliance.

Mr. Barron's active duty service was as Commander of all P-3 and EP-3 surveillance squadrons (CTF-72) based at the historic intelligence base Kami Seya, Japan. CTF-72's mission was to provide intelligence for the Navy in the Western Pacific by operating both the EP-3 and P-3 aircraft. Mr. Barron left the armed services after the Gulf War in 1992, and attended the University of Maryland, Asian Division, under the G.I. Bill. He graduated with a B.S. in Information Systems Management (IFSM).

Mr. Barron led a grassroots citizen's organization ("No on Prop A" 2006) to defeat a political proposition that would have negatively impacted the quality of life and operational capability of MCAS Miramar by conversion to a joint use facility.

Kim Pham has over 25 years of experience in Software Development working with the latest technologies, and has worked with abcISP since its inception. Kim has architected and managed a variety of projects from embedded to web-based applications. Prior to joining abcISP, Kim was the Technical Lead at MD Edge and a Project Manager for Cayenta Inc., a subsidiary of Titan Corp. From 1984 to 1993, Kim held positions with increasing responsibilities at various companies such as SAIC, Litton Industries, and General Dynamics. Kim received her B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Buffalo in 1984.